A Canine Cooperative

It started as a dream to live simply and sustainably, surrounded by wilderness, friends, and most importantly sled dogs.

With the purchase of a 150-acre parcel of forgotten land, our dream became reality. Subdivided amongst our three kennels we have created a community of mushers where dogs are life. 


 Off-grid living isn't easy--No running water, no electricity, no cable television.  But for a group of mushing fanatics and the help of sled dogs, mushing becomes not only our career, it's our lifestyle. We haul firewood to heat our homes, skid logs to build our cabins, and carry drinking water from the river with our sled dogs.  Currently running off generators, we have long-term goals of staging solar panels & battery banks.  

We strive to live a sustainable lifestyle--We hunt, fish, and utilize every scrap of the animal's body that we harvest from the land.  We live our life outdoors.