What to expect

Mush through the peaceful and still darkness

Chase the dancing Aurora Borealis

Photo-Ops under the stars

Hot beverages and Alaskan treats by the fire

Come spend a night in our authentic Mongolian yurt while you chase the Aurora into the wee hours of the morning!  Yurts made by groovyyurts.com 

Come spend a night in our authentic Mongolian yurt while you chase the Aurora into the wee hours of the morning!

Yurts made by groovyyurts.com 

Alaska's winters are cold and dark, but that doesn't mean that they're not exceptionally beautiful. With the length of day shortening to as little as 3 hrs and 45 minutes on the Winter Solstice, we have ample time to experience the solitude and comforting calmness of a inky winter night. Enjoy a peaceful ride down the dark, winding trail listening to the jingle of dog harnesses in motion. If the sky is clear, perhaps you'll see the dancing Aurora Borealis twirling in the night sky. If overcast, you'll find beauty in the intense stillness and magical ambiance of gently falling snowflakes.


4-Hr Aurora Tour

Combine the Northern Lights with a private dogsledding experience, hot chocolate, local hors d'oeuvres and a warm campfire, and you get the ultimate romantic Alaskan adventure.  We'll start the tour off by introducing you to your guides and getting you properly outfitted for a night out under the stars.  Once the team is all suited up, we'll hit the trails in search of the Aurora Borealis.  We'll set up camp at roughly our half-way mark of the tour, start a fire and get out the food & drink. During this time you can shoot away at the lights or just sit back and take it all in.  


TIME OF YEAR:  September - March
PRICE/PERSON: $200 (Winter)/$150 (Fall)
TOUR DURATION: 3.5 - 4 hrs
TRAIL MILEAGE:  5 - 10 miles


Overnight Aurora Chaser

Enjoy a beautiful dog sled ride down the Chena River and through the snow capped black spruce to our cozy yurt for a night of aurora gazing.  We mush you high up to the surrounding foothills of Pleasant Valley to give you a clear unobstructed view of the midnight sky.  Curl up next to the wood stove, sip on warm drinks and snack on local hors d'oeuvres as you wait for the dancing Northern Lights to appear.  After a warm night spent in our Groovy yurt, breakfast is served in the morning.  Step outside for a magnificent view of the surrounding area as you enjoy your morning cup of coffee and we gear up for our mush back to the kennel. 


TIME OF YEAR:  December - March
TOUR DURATION: 9 pm to 10 am
TRAIL MILEAGE:  5 - 10 miles


PLEASE NOTE: Just like any wildlife tour, the Northern Lights aren't on our payroll and thus we CAN'T GUARANTEE that they will make an appearance on the night of your booking (we wish we could). The best nights for viewing are on clear, cold nights. Overcast skies cover up the show, but tend to be warmer. Be patient and stay optimistic, you never know when they might show up! On some occasions, even the faintest light show can be caught on film and surprise you to what doesn't show up to the naked eye. Below are some links to research on the Aurora and the predicted forecast to help you plan your vacation. 




Sorry, there will be NO REFUNDS if the Northern Lights aren't visible and/or unable to be photographed.


Cancellation Policy:

Travel Insurance:

 We highly recommend Travel Insurance for your Mushing Excursion. We recommend using AIG Travel Guard.  This will ensure that weather or emergencies won't cost you your family vacation.  

Alaska is at the mercy of Mother Nature & she doesn't always cooperate.  Tours (specifically expeditions) can be postponed or cancelled due to inclement weather and unsafe conditions.  We apologize if this happens to your highly anticipated mushing vacation, but we want to make sure you get properly reimbursed for your inconvenience and receive a refund to re-book your tour! Travel insurance will provide that reimbursement.

Day Tour:  

A full refund will be issued if the cancellation is received before 7 days of the tour.  A 10% processing fee will be charged to cancellations inside of 7 days.  No refunds will be issued if the cancellation is less than 24-hrs prior to the tour. Day of booking cancellations will not be refunded. No shows will be charged in full.

Multi-Day: Overnight Aurora & Expeditions






A refund will be issued if the cancellation is received more than 60 days prior to the booking. A 10% processing fee applies for all cancellations. No refunds will be issued if the cancellation is less than 30 days before the trip start date. A 50% deposit is required at the time of the booking.  Remainder is due 30 days prior to the date of the booking. No reimbursement is provided for trips cancelled or shortened due to weather. For this reason, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND travel insurance.