Wild WOmen Wilderness discovery

We believe the most beautiful thing a woman can wear is confidence. Join our all-female crew of accomplished mushers on a wilderness retreat and discover the explorer within. Share stories, tackle obstacles and build a confidence so great, it shines as bright as the Northern Lights. 

This 5-day expedition will take you into the arctic wilderness along the Denali Highway--One of the most scenic & wild places in Alaska!  Lodging will be split up between winter camping in arctic ovens and a couple night stay at a quintessential Alaskan lodge. Team building exercises in gathering firewood, building fires & setting up camp.  

A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink. Inquire today! 

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5-Day All-inclusive Expedition: $5,000 / adventurer




Ryne Olson // LFMC Founder + Guide



Amanda Brooks // LFMC Founder + Guide

Amanda hails from Mount Desert Island, Maine and has been living off-grid in Alaska managing Smokin' Ace Kennels for the past 5 years. She has a bachelor's in Biology, has crewed on tall ship boat deliveries from the Gulf of Maine down to the Caribbean and has fished on ground fishing trawlers and scallop draggers in the North Atlantic as both crew & scientist.  Amanda has been guiding mushing adventures for the past 7-years for a handful of mushing tourism outfits, including Alaska Icefield Expeditions living on the Denver Glacier for the past 4 summers. She loves the thrill of being surrounded by wildness & solitude and the companionship of her beloved canines.  Amanda is the LFMC photographer, dabbles in graphic design and enjoys researching canine sports diet & nutrition. In the winter she also competes in mid-distance races around Alaska.  


Maliko Uble // Guide



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