The Basics:


Dress in Layers.

Base Layer: Wear synthetic thermals that are tight fitting for your top and bottom pieces. Tuck your top layer into your bottom layer to ensure your midsection stays warm and your shirt does not ride up.

Mid Layer: Fleece is a comfortable and affordable midlayer to wear.  We recommend fleece pajama bottoms paired with a hoodie.  This can be loose fitting.

Outer Layer: Snow pants and a PUFF jacket (down or synthetic) are the warmest.

Odds & ends:


Tight is Cold.

Socks & Boots:  Nice fitting synthetic socks, with loose wool socks over them IF you have BIG enough boots to accommodate the double layered socks.  IF the boots are TOO TIGHT with two pairs of socks, your feet will absolutely get TOO COLD.  Tight boots = Cold Feet.  If this two sock system does not work with your gear, one pair of socks with foot warmers will suffice.

Gloves & Mittens:  Gloves are nice when you are working with the dogs, but when you are riding in a sled, mittens will keep your hands warmer.  We recommend bringing both. As well as, hand warmers- no one is too tough for hand warmers in the Far North.

Head Gear:  A nice warm cap with a tight weave works well.  Loose knitted hats allow wind to penetrate and make your head cold.  We recommend a fleece hat.

Neck Wear:  Scarves tend to be more of a nuisance than they are worth in warmth value--They fall off and the dogs LOVE to play with them.  Balaclavas and neck gaiters are much better options.




Gear Check List:

If you're embarking on an expedition with us, follow the above list of suggestions, as well as complete the two questionnaires that will be sent in our the digital expedition package. 

Email them to: